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Faith First®  Announces The “Future Focus" Speaker Series.

When a professionally prophetic and passionate speaker like Rev. Damon Smith travels all over the world, he reignites spirits, brings people together in Christ, makes spiritual ideas happen, and causes strong ecumenical bonds to form between individuals, families and groups for today and the faithful future!

Momentous messages with a human touch. Powerful spiritual leadership stories. Inspiring interactions across diverse age groups. He motivates you and your congregation to learn innovative new faith strategies, respecting traditional foundations while building bridges that can completely revolutionize your relationship with religion.

Today more than ever, our world is changing and changing FAST. How are you and your church keeping up? You may need to hear Rev. Damon's newest Keynote, "Christian Change is Good...As Long as YOU Go Faith First®!  and other trainings on membership development and cultivation and how to realistically bring technology into your worship experiences.

BOOKS - Available Fall 2020

Live Your Love© - A book of poems of a real quest for an elusive prize, true love.  Love is not easy. We get scared.  We get nervous.  We get wrapped up in the superficial, the irrelevant, the frivolous. We punk out.  We let others determine what Love is for us instead of being honest and comfortable in our own Life.  Step one in getting the love we want, is having Faith First that it there to be had.

My Black© - Commentary of a Black Man observing the rages against the machines of oppression and the macro and micro effects of this rebellion.  This collection of works is a travel through time with the symptoms of the realities changing,  changing symbolic realities. However, the language communicating the reactions are and will forever be directed by Faith First®.

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