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Rev. Damon Smith (Revy D.) as the kids call him, has a unique philosophy when it comes to Christian Education for the youth…

“Teach how Jesus is in their lives, right now, today, in the bad and the good.  Jesus is not some far away figure, but right with them, in the classroom, on the bus, on the way home, at the job, when they are with their friends, in right and in wrong.  Jesus never leaves us”. 

Rev. Smith’s new ‘Future Youth of Faith’ seminar series is committed to identifying, supporting and developing forward-thinking, spiritually-focused emerging young leaders for church service and participation in general, as well as those potentially in the ministry. According to a recent Pew Research Center study on Religion and Public Life report, in 20 years - - - a majority of the children born worldwide will be from homes that do not practice any faith tradition. These troubling signs of the coming times are evident today a well. Similar studies also report a steady decline in Millennials who  are choosing to belong to organized religion.  

Rev. Smith sees this as an opportunity. He will host open, interactive, real-talk youth and young adult sessions that brings together youth activists, ministers, organizers, and educators who share one important progressive trait - -  they are completely committed to properly preparing today’s youth to live a moral and spiritual lifestyle in a world that consistently corrupts and distorts the truth, pressures and persecutes the  disadvantaged, under-resourced and the oppressed, while under-caring and overlooking the awesome potential of our most vulnerable citizens – our future generations of believers, leaders, thinkers, activists and actionists.


Children, Teenagers, Young Adults are not aliens.  “As we ‘soapbox’ them, let us not forget how ‘dirty’ we were until Jesus cleansed us.  Jesus did not age discriminate, why should we?


I believe in using all the tools of today, innovation, technology, contemporary language to teach all about the dynamic revolutionary that Jesus is. Yes, “IS”. - Revy. D.

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