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Defined as “the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release”, Liberation is a noun. 


FAITH FIRST stands strongly at the spiritual intersection of FAITH & FREEDOM. The ultimate message of FAITH FIRST: The goal is LIBERTY for All!


The FAITH FIRST Project is organized around the idea of the verb form, LIBERATE. 


According to Jesus, we must LIBERATE our selves from the prison of our taught lives and exist in the extraordinary life that is through him. 


Once we completely embrace that life, we can be LIBERATED and work to LIBERATE the world from evil and work for the liberation and justice and equality for ALL. 


There is no adjective in front of neighbor in Mark 12; it only says, “love your neighbor”. 


We have to liberate ourselves to love completely and liberate our neighbors so they can receive and give love as well. 

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