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Reconstruct Your Life…


One of the foundational bricks of Christianity is Humility.  We are to humble ourselves to the all awesomeness of God.  We are to humble ourselves to the greatest gift that is Grace Love from Jesus Christ.  We are to humble ourselves to the all-knowing and guiding force that is the Holy Spirit.  This Trinity is an incalculable force that is so big to cover all and everything and small enough to know exactly what we need when we need it and how we need it. 


Be Humble.


Jesus teaches us through parables that we, usually because of lack of understanding of the power that is true sincere faith, get in our way!  I believe Jesus wants us to destroy our previous lives to accept and live our best life through and with HIM.  They may be cliché’s, but they are true… with Faith the size of a Mustard Seed, WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS!


We can build our neighborhood of the Kingdom through FAITH!  By having Faith First, we can take control more of our life… by relieving ourselves of that worrying, that anxiety, that doubt and that fear, we can be EVERYTHING THROUGH CHRIST!


Jesus wants us to #ReconstructOurLives, not for ourselves, but to serve others.  Let us live in the Blessing that is being reconstructed as a member of the Kingdom of God.  Let’s enjoy the work we do for others.  Let us be thankful that we are a part and have a job as a member of the Body of Christ.  We, us, you, me, all have blessings to bestow on others.  Jesus already has and will continue to abundantly bless each and every single one of us. 


We have no one and nothing to fear.  Ever.  We may lose some battles, but we will never, ever be defeated.  Salvation cannot be taken away from us.   Let’s go forward, never giving up, never giving in, never quitting! 


This is a sin-sick world.  There is ministering to do.  LET’S GET TO WORK!        



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